Adult Party Games To Try At Your Next House Party

What makes a party a party when you’re an adult? For most people, their so-called ‘parties’ seem to be no different than just a regular get together with friends, maybe with more people. If you throw a house party, other than food and the requisite alcohol that isn’t served in blue or red plastic cups (that’s how you know you’re at a grown up party), you may be wondering what else you can add to the mix to give it more of party vibe and less ‘free food and drinks at my house this Saturday guys’ vibe.

The answer? Party games of course! If you are having a large party, check out these adult group games which are great party games for breaking the ice. And while some of these games have a drinking element to them, it is really a much classier affair and the objective of these games is more than just an excuse to get wasted. I mean, you really should have got over that phase after college, right? Hopefully you have. Anyway, for our more mature audiences who would still relish the opportunity to let their hair down in a classy yet fun way, then give these party games a shot at your next soiree. Let’s take a look.

The Safety Pins Game

safety pinsJust because the word ‘safety’ is in the name of the game doesn’t mean that it would be a boring affair. For this game you’ll need some rice, preferably long-grained, safety pins (about 50 to 100 will do), a large bowl, blindfolds, a timer, and maybe even some prizes. I think you can see where this game is going. Simply fill up the bowl with rice, about halfway to the top is sufficient and then add in the safety pins. Give the bowl a good mixing and let the games begin! Blindfold the first participant and they get 45 seconds to see how many safety pins they can pick out from the rice. Since it’s easy to keep score, this game can really bring out the competitive side in people! I think the next Saw movie will probably have a variation of this game, except with razors instead of safety pins, and the participant will probably have to find a key in there to unlock whatever death trap he’s got them locked up in.

The No Game

Woah, slow down Bill Cosby, it’s not that kind of no game! In fact, in this game you want the other participants to say the word ‘No’. All you need to play this game is some sort of token; you can use a generic bracelet or a necklace. Just get a whole bunch of them for cheap at your next hippie flea market. The objective of the game is simple: each participant tries to collect as many tokens as possible by getting another participant to say the word ‘No’. If a participant successfully ‘tricks’ another player into saying the word ‘No’ then that player has to give up his or her token. These token-less individuals can still play the game and try to win back their tokens. At the end of whatever time period you set, the person with the highest amount of tokens wins. You can set aside some sort of prize for the winner to make it more exciting. Note: extremely ugly people have been known to be absolute killers at this game.

The Pinning Game

clothespinsSorry, all you professional wrestling fans, but it’s not that kind of pinning game (although depending on the crowd, they might amenable to some backyard pro-wrestling). In fact, this game is rather similar to something 99.9999% of us is sure to have done in school, except that we are going to add some alcohol to the mix because we are adults, damn it, and that’s what adults do! Anyway the game is pretty simple; you’ll just need a whole bunch of light clothespins and of course, the booze. One person is designated as ‘It’, sort of like catch, and given a few clothespins. The ‘pinhead’ now has to try to discreetly pin a clothespin to the back of the other participants. Once a person has been pinned, the ‘pinhead’ has to step away and start counting to 10; if by the ten count the pinned person can’t find the clothespin, he or she has to down a tasty beverage and is also now the next ‘pinhead’. The game continues in this manner and can even be played while in the midst of other party games! That’s some game-ception level stuff there. This game is certainly far classier than pinning sticky notes saying ‘Jack is the ghey and likes gargling balls’ on the back of your schoolmates although it might bring back some unpleasant (or pleasant) memories for some.