These 7 Novelty Pillows Will Add Creativity And Character To Your Home

Ahhh, novelty items. Remember the Pet Rock? Well, neither do I. The nature of novelty goods means they don’t last long in the public consciousness but in the time that they are, everybody wants one. And novelty pillows can be a great way to demonstrate some creative flair to your home and bedroom.

i-am-a-side-sleeperOf course, they’re not for everyone and perhaps they aren’t always the most practical (that’s what I have my side sleeper pillow for) but if you are the type that finds novelty items appealing, then check out our list of seven novelty pillows below! If you’re like me, check out these pillows for sleeping sideways with. Who knows, some of them may even become your personal favorites!

  1. Gigantic Gadget Cushions – One example of this is the iPad pillow, which as you may infer from the name it’s basically a pillow that is shaped like an iPad. The front of the pillow is even printed with the iPad display screen while the back displays the Apple logo and even a printed ‘camera lens’. A great novelty gift for the Apple obsessed fanboy or fangirl in your life, and that my include yourself.
  1. camera-lens-pillowCamera Lens Pillows – Do you have a photography fanatic in your life? You know what I’m talking about, he’s that guy (or girl, but based on personal experience, most likely a guy) that can sprout a constant stream of photography and camera related terminology that nobody understands. Thinking about buying him or her a photography gift? You might be too afraid that your lack of knowledge will render him looking upon your gift as an insult. So you can’t go wrong with this novelty pillow which is shaped like an N24-70mm lens Nikon lens. While you won’t be snapping any photos with this pillow, its detailed and stitching is extremely realistic and it’s a great way of adding some photography flair to your bedroom.
  1. Keyboard Pillow – Are you a hardcore gamer? Love spending hours in front of your screen binging the latest YouTube videos? Then this novelty keyboard pillow is for you; after the latest session of hardcore gaming, just rest your head on this keyboard pillow until it’s time for your next raiding session. Just be careful that you don’t get the letters QWERTY imprinted across your forehead when you wake up.
  1. Boombox Speaker Cushion – Nothing screams novelty than adding a dash of modern technology in it. This pillow has a boombox printed on its front but it’s more than just a simple screen print; way more! In fact, this pillow doubles as a functional music player with a 3.5mm audio jack and a USB charging port. This is one boombox that you can comfortably carry on your shoulder while blasting out your old school Wu-Tang Clan beats!
  1. glow-in-the-dark-pillowGlow In The Dark Pillowcases – Not recommended for those who need absolute pitch black darkness in order to fall asleep. These glow in the dark pillowcases have everything from cool images, motivational messages (I would like one that says ‘Get Up Now’ please) and even the alphabet for young children. A novelty item that’s both cool and fun.
  1. Pocketed Couch Cushions – A novelty item that is practical as well. These couch cushions come with convenient pockets for you to store your latest tablet device, whether it’s the iPad, Kindle, or the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Kidding on the last one, you don’t want your house to catch fire. The pocket also comes with a flap as well as an associate strap to hold down the flap. Unlike some other novelty pillows, this one looks so classy, it barely counts as a novelty item.
  1. The iPhone Pillow – Swoop the iPhone pillow is a small cuddly pillow shaped like an owl that holds your iPhone in its belly. If that doesn’t spell out A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E then maybe you should go to a petting zoo to melt your icy cold black heart. The designers behind this pillow noted that many people fell asleep while listening to music with their phone however upon waking their phone was often lost under the covers or worse, damaged because you rolled over it in your sleep. Swoop’s belly pouch functions as a phone protector as well, protecting your phone’s screen so you can snuggle up to Swoop while listening to tunes from your phone.

See anything on the list you like? While novelty items aren’t exactly a staple like a plain old regular pillow (that’s why they’re called novelty, after all) they most certainly can be used to add a touch personal character and flair to your home.