How Firm Or Soft Should The Mattress In Your Bedroom Be?

For the longest time, people with back pain all over the world have often been advised on the advantages of having a hard mattress. Although this notion has been partially dispelled over the years, many orthopedists are apparently still operating under the presumption that it’s true. This is not only far from the truth, but it could have adverse effects if followed.


A hard mattress, unlike a memory foam one, does not offer any more support than a firm, but comfortable mattress does. Take a look at this memory foam mattress shown in the picture above for instance. As one of the most highly rated memory foam mattresses around, it’s not only great for people who are suffering from back problems, it is actually an excellent choice for anyone at all. As long as a mattress offers the necessary support and comfort, it doesn’t matter what the materials within it are made of, or how many coil springs are present in it. At the end of the day, all the matters is that your body can get all the support it needs to keep comfortable and healthy at night. The phrase that a bed is “orthopaedic” really doesn’t mean anything other than the fact that it’s firmer than usual. Most manufacturers use this term just to encourage further sales since it’s essentially meant to entice back pain sufferers to check them out, when in fact any mattress at all can do the job provided the right one is chosen.

Foam mattresses have always been a fairly popular choice for users with back problems. Another common misconception here is that such mattresses tend to feel hotter than others. Technically though, the mattress itself isn’t the one that produces the heat. It’s an individual’s body that’s the primary factor here. Perhaps, your body heats up uncontrollably while you sleep at night or perhaps it’s a climate factor. Whatever it is, don’t blindly believe every review that you read online regarding how “hot” a particular mattress sleeps.

Foam is generally said to be an insulator of heat though, which means that it tends to retain heat a lot more especially if it’s dense. Many interesting features have been put in place in order to remedy such issues and some of them have actually been rather effective. For instance, in addition to the usual 2-layer foam mattresses (whether memory foam or otherwise), extra layers of air circulation material have been squeezed in between these layers to promote airflow. The idea is that the heat can seep from the top most “heat” layer and be dissipated either through the sides of the following airflow layers or right through the bottom of the mattress.

a-hybrid-mattressKeep in mind though that the more materials or layers used to manufacture the mattress, the more expensive it usually gets. Hybrid mattresses that make use of multiple layers of materials are usually a lot more expensive for this very reason. You could still opt for a decent $500 memory foam mattress (like the Tuft & Needle) if that’s your thing but I’d personally recommend getting a spring mattress, since even the very best of such a mattress would only cost $200 at the most. Rather than settling for a mediocre mattress, you might as well go for the best in a lower-end category like spring or polyfoam.